Can I put a translated version of your FAQ on my web site?

Many people asked me for permission to translate this FAQ to Portuguese or French, e.g. and put the translation on their web site. This is what I reply.

In principle, you have my permission, however, only when the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. The translated version must show a clear statement that the translation is not official, i.e., it is not done by the maintainer of the official FAQ (on this web site), and therefore it is by definition not up to date.
  2. The translated version must mention very clearly that the official (i.e. original), updated and maintained FAQ is available on http://www.faq.msxnet.org/.
  3. The translator has to keep me informed about the developments of the translated version, i.e., translation progress and how well it is updated and maintained. Of course, he also needs to tell me that he is going to translate the FAQ, and the URL of the web site it will be put on.
I have mailed these conditions to several people already, but I still haven't seen a well-translated FAQ anywhere.

Note: I do not appreciate it if people copy parts of the FAQ for their own purposes. Please just put a link on your site that points to this site!

Can you make the FAQ available for off-line usage, i.e. make it possible to download it in a big ZIP file, e.g?

Well, I have the following reasons for not doing that:

  1. it takes a lot of space, because it would be a very big ZIP file
  2. the FAQ consists of a lot of seperate HTML files
  3. there are a lot of links in the FAQ that wouldn't work anymore
  4. the FAQ would be no longer up to date, if someone downloads it (for that person of course)
  5. because there are many updates, it would take a lot of extra time to update the zip file as well
  6. I don't get so much visitors anymore if people download it
  7. actually, people can download all files of the FAQ, but not zipped. There are many tools to download a web site...

Maybe not. But still: I'm not going to put any effort in this. Sorry.

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