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This version is especially edited for The Ultimate MSX FAQ by TRD & Manuel Bilderbeek with permission from (and in cooperation with) Alex Wulms.

The hardware list is maintained by Alex Wulms and Manuel Bilderbeek, so any contribution to this list should be sent to one of us (except images: only to Manuel). Click here to go to the original hardware list of Alex Wulms. Alex and I have made an agreement to pass all changes and additions to each other. So recently he totally updated his version and now the two (or three) versions should be the same.

A large part of this MSX hardware list is collected by Maggoo.

Another large part is collected by Eduardo Loos.

Please note that this list does not pretend to be complete. Please mail any supplementary information to Manuel or Alex Wulms. If you have any pictures of hardware listed here then mail it to Manuel or upload them directly to FUNet.

MSX hardware list log:

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Other people that contributed to this list

Index of hardware manufacturers

Index of software houses

Index of active clubs and companies

Index of new hardware projects

Products from hardware companies

ACVS, also called MSX-Projetos/CIEL (Brazil)

Addcom (Japan?)

Aiwa (Japan)

Al Alamiah ("The Universal") (Kuwayt/Yemen, nowadays Egypt)

Those computers are Yamaha and Sanyo MSX modified for Arabian countries. A lot of info about Arabic MSX computers can be found here. Note that many models are similar to some mentioned Yamaha models. See also there. Sakhr (means Rock) is a brand of Al Alamiah.

Allan Informatica (Brazil)

Alphasystem (Brazil)

Angeisa (Brazil)

Angra (Brazil)

Asterisking International (Japan)

ASCII (Japan)

AVT/ECC (Belgium)

Note: AVT sold also a lot of Daewoo products rebranded to AVT, like the DPC-200 and DPF-550.

Blump (Brazil)

Brother (Japan)

'X' means that it is the MSX version

Byte Wizards (The Netherlands)

Bytex (Brazil)

Canon (Japan)

Casio (Japan)

Note: most computers (PV-7, KB-7, PV-16, KB-10 and MX-10) were available in black and red.

CCG (Spain)

CE-TEC (Germany)

Century (Japan)

Checkmark (The Netherlands)

Cheyenne (Brazil)

Cibertron (Brazil)

Computer Help (Brazil)

Daewoo (Korea)

Daisy Wheel (Brazil)

Data Industrial (Brazil)

Datanet (Argentina)

Nothing known to me. Please send me information about any MSX hardware produced by Datanet

Datagame (Brazil)


Digital Design/DDX (Brazil)

Digimer (Brazil)

Dirac (Spain?)

DMX (Brazil)

Dragon (Spain)

Dynadata, subsidiary of Daewoo (Spain)

Elebra (Brazil)

Elecom (Japan)


Elgin (Brazil)

Espacial Eletronica (Brazil)

FA-SOFT (Korea)

Fenner (Italy)

Frael (Italy)

Fujitsu (Japan)

General (Japan)

GoldStar (Korea)

Gradiente (Brazil)

Handler (Korea)

Hardware Partners (The Netherlands)

HSH (Germany)

Hitachi (Japan)

Hobby Tradeco (Brazil)

Hyosung (Korea)

Nothing known to me. Please send me information about any MSX hardware produced by Hyosung

Incopel (Brazil)

Input Digital (Brazil)

JVC/Victor (Japan)

Kuma (UK)

Kawai (Japan)

Knight (Brazil)

Kyocera (Japan)

Nothing known to me, except the same machine as the Yashica YC-64 (actually, the YC-64 is made by Kyocera, just like some Philips models?). Please send me information about any other MSX hardware produced by Kyocera (I thought they made some printers at least)

Laser (France)/Video Technology (Hong-Kong)

Laser (Brazil)

Liftron (Brazil)

MHT Ingenieros (Spain)

Limco (Singapore)

Nothing known to me. Please send me information about any MSX hardware produced by Limco

Marconi (UK?)

Micro Technology (The Netherlands)

Microsol (Brazil)

Miniware (The Netherlands)

Miri Software (Italy)

Mitsubishi (Japan)


National (Japan)

Note: some National products might be the same as Panasonic products. Here the products are listed which have a at least a National logo on them.

NTT (Japan)

Olympia (France)

Omron (Japan)

Oric (Singapore)

Nothing known to me. Please send me information about any MSX hardware produced by Oric

OrionSoft (Brazil)

Panasonic/Matsushita (Japan)

Note: some Panasonic/Matsushita products may be the same as some National products, since in Europe the National products have the Panasonic brand name (in Japan, all CF-xxxx products are released by National). The products listed here have at least a Panasonic logo.

Perfect/Almithali, subsidiary of Daewoo (Kuwayt)

These computers are manufactured by Daewoo and distributed by a Saudi company named Ba Khashwain. Because of infringing Universal copyrights by Ba Khashwain, they have been in court.

Petry (Germany)

Philips (The Netherlands)

Note: a Philips MSX computer with the `suffix' /19N (e.g. NMS 8250/19N) means it is the AZERTY (19) version, but has the Dutch language (N). Next to the NMS 8250, the NMS 8245 is also known to have this suffix.

Phonola (?)

Note: this hardware is exactly the same as the Philips hardware. It is a cheaper brand name for Philips in foreign countries.

Pioneer (Japan)

Playcon (Brazil)

Racidata (Brazil)

Radofin (Hong-Kong)

Radiola (France)

Riosoft (Brazil)

Samsung (Korea)

Salzani Informatica (Brazil)

Sanco (France/Japan)

Sanno (Japan)

Sanyo (Japan)

Schneider (Europe?)

Scritta (Brazil)

Seikosha (Japan)

Sharp/Epcom (Brazil)

Sileman (Brazil)

Sony (Japan)

Note: Some of the Sony computer names are followed by a letter like HB-101P, or HB-101F or HB-700D. The last letter indicates the keyboard layout for a country. D=German (QWERTZ), F=French, S=Spanish (probably), P=PAL(?) (international/QWERTY)

Spectravideo (Hong-Kong/USA)

These products are MSX compatible:

These products are NOT MSX compatible:

Star (Japan)

Suzo/STC (Netherlands)

STC is a label of Suzo International.

Talent/Telemática (Argentina)

Telemática developed the software, like the ROM in the Talent TPC-310.

Tateishi Electric (Japan)

Tecall (Asia?)

Technohead (Brazil)

Tecnac (Brazil)

Tecnobytes (Brazil)

Telcom (Brazil)

Telereader (Japan)

The Links (Japan)

Tornado (Europe)

Toshiba (Japan)

Triton (Hong-Kong)

Tropic (Brazil)

Unknown, please help us! (Unknown)

(nothing at the moment!)

Velleman (The Netherlands)

Vestel (Turkey)

Vitech (Brazil)

Wachi (Japan)



Yamaha (Japan)

Note: Some of the Yamaha computer names are followed by a letter like YIS503F, or YIS503FB or CX5MA. The last letter(s) seem to indicate the TV system the computer is outputting a signal for: E=United Kingdom (PAL-I), A=Australia and New Zealand (PAL-B), G=West Germany and European countries (SECAM), S=Scandinavian countries (SECAM), F=France (RGB output), FB=Belgium (PAL-G).. The CX series was targeted for the music store and the YIS series for the personal computer shop.


Yaesu Musen (Japan)

Yashica (Japan)

Yeno (France?)

Zemina (Korea)

Products from software houses


Electric Software/Reisware

Emile soft


Hudson Soft (Japan)

Konami (Japan)

MICOMSOFT/The Dempa Shimbun Corp. (Japan)

NEOS (Japan)

Products from active clubs and companies

Novatec Projects (Russia)

Novatec is a Russian group of MSX hardware developers


Sunrise (The Netherlands/Switzerland)

Alwin Henseler's hardware projects (The Netherlands)

Note: for specs and more info: see the MSX Super Turbo page!

Angel Culla Costany (Spain)

MSX Club West-Friesland (The Netherlands)

New hardware projects

Ace0001 by ACVS (Brazil)

This is a MSX computer created by ACVS in 1996. It's tech specs are:

MSX-TurboZ with Z380 (Brazil)

This will be a 32-bit MSX computer using the Z380 CPU. It's tech specs are:

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