Which MSX emulators exist?
(mainly written by Marat Fayzullin [] and with help of the Emulator Page of Sean Young (which doesn't exist anymore))

Other MSX emulator related info can be found on several MSX WWW pages, especially the general ones and the ones mentioned at the Emulator-sections of the various Link-lists (like the links database of The MSX Resource Center (and my bookmarks!)).

What is the best MSX Emulator?

That depends on what you want (play only games? graphical frontend or GUI? most accurate emulation? most features? best sound quality? works on Windows or Linux or another OS?). The best thing to read for this is the MSX Emulator Comparison on The MSX Resource Center.

Is it possible to make a fMSX [.CAS] tape-image of a [.WAV] file (with data from the tape)? (Or is there another way to use my old cassettes in my emulator?)

This is possible, but not always necessary. Some newer emulators can handle the .wav files directly. Anyway, some people have made such a program, or are working on it:

The author(s) of the No$MSX emulator also made a tool to use cassettes in emulators. It is a DOS program called TAPE2HDD. Look here for details and download.

Also on JJC Soft Site there are some utilities collected for using tapes on MSX and emulators. Check out this page:

Is it legal to spread MSX ROMs and cartridge ROMs?
(written by Marat Fayzullin [])

No. Nobody seems to care though, mainly because there is no profit to be made on these ROMs any longer. Nevertheless, be aware of the fact that by using the system ROMs not taken out of your own MSX machine and ROMs from cartridges you haven't bought, you are formally commencing an act of software piracy.

I have some BAS, BIN or other files. How can I use them in my emulator?

Most MSX emulators cannot work with normal MSX files, but need the files on a disk-image (which is a direct copy of a diskette). If you want to use a certain (MSX-)file with you emulated MSX, it has to be on a disk image. Putting the file in the same directory as your emulator will not work, unless you use the CJS MSX2 emulator. That emulator can use files that are in the emulator's directory. For more info how to use disk-images, check out the section on DSK files!

Why does holding down the CTRL key in fMSX have no effect?

I don't know, it works on the Unix version I use sometimes (e.g. fMSX Unix/X 2.0B/0.2). But the problem can be solved by using an adapted diskROM. It seems the diskROM provided with Virtual MSX (see above) works fine.

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