Some general info about MoonSound can be seen in the textfile [OPL4.TXT]. It was written by Remco Schrijvers of Moonsoft.

What is a MoonSound?

MoonSound is a high-quality 16-bit wave table and FM soundcard for MSX computers, based on the Yamaha OPL4 standard.

What are the specs of the MoonSound card?

Of course a lot of those specs are just the Yamaha specs. For more info on those specs, check out the following PDF files:

Is there any software supplied with it?

Yes, there are 2 editors (delivered on two 720kB floppy disks):

Where can I find the newest MBWAVE and MBFM editors?

Is MoonSound able to replay Amiga [.MOD] files?

Yes it is, till now there are the following programs which are able to replay [.MOD] files:

Is MoonSound able to replay [.MID] files?

Of course, and you can also just capture MIDI data from a MIDI-in port and send it to the OPL4 which replays it! Programs that can do this:

Are there any [.MWM] or [.MFM] replayers?

The only replayers on the web are for MBWave files as far as I know:

But on the FutureDisk for example, is always an other replayer present.

Where can I find technical (programming) info about it?

Some technical info can be found here. Everything about the registers etc., is in it. This file has been downloaded from Maurizio's hardware page where more info can be found on several stuff.

Where can I buy it?

Contact Sunrise for MSX (Rob Hiep)

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