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As of 11 June 1998, the FAQ's log is online!

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This FAQ contains information about the MSX system, its expansions and a lot of other things. If you have texts you would like to be added to this FAQ, feel free to mail me. If you discover any bugs, please mail the corrections to me. This FAQ is an ongoing project, so help me make it as good as possible.

Although this FAQ was started by the Red Devil, it is now being maintained by Manuel Bilderbeek.

(Bjørn B.S. &) Manuel B.

Of course there are other (outdated) MSX FAQs, and you can find them at:

< > by Marat Fayzullin - fMSX emulator related.
< > by Hans Guijt - fMSX Amiga related.
Benny Roger Gundersen's FAQ (one of the first MSX FAQs online) is offline.

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Thanks & Credits

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

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Feel free to sign the guestbook!

Feel free to sign the guestbook!


Please give me feedback!

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Note: For questions about emulators: please read the manual of the emulator carefully and if that does not help, ask your question in the MSX newsgroup, forum and/or mailinglist (see above, section 0) or if all fails, ask the author of the emulator.

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