2.1 MSX2 Standard definition and remarks

Of course this list contains only specs that differ from an MSX1 machine.

2.2 Graphic capabilities

Screen modes from 0 to 3 are the same as on MSX1, except that in screen 0 the 80 column mode is always available and that the colours can be selected from a 512 colour palette.

4256×19216 of 512 RGB16kBGraphic Mode
5256×212/42416 of 512 RGB32kBGraphic Mode
6512×212/4244 of 512 RGB32kBGraphic Mode
7512×212/42416 of 512 RGB54kBGraphic Mode
8256×212/424256 (no palette)54kBGraphic Mode

2.2.1 What are the screen modes used for?

2.3 Special MSX2 machines

Note: some of these pictures were taken from Maurizio's site. The picture-dir is here. Thanks to Patriek Lesparre of MSX Banzai to let me use some of these pics. More pictures are on The FUNET FTP MSX-hardware pictures directory! And for more info on specific MSX2 computers, please check out the MSX Hardwarelist.

2.4 Software

MSX2 software was and is supplied on 360kB and 720kB disks and as well in (Mega) ROM modules, but of course the (old?) MSX1 software can also be used on this MSX, in any medium.

MSX2/2+/Turbo R software is still produced by local user groups/programmers nowadays.

2.4.1 What do I need to run the newest MSX2 software?

2.5 Companies which produced MSX2 computers

Sony, Sanyo, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, National, Philips, Sakhr (Yamaha), Talent, Telematica, Toshiba, Yamaha, Daewoo, etc.

For a complete list, check out The MSX Hardwarelist

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